Researching the American Revolution

Your source for information on the American War of Independence

British Diaries and Memoirs


Published Primary Sources

Balderston, Marion, and David Syrett, eds. The Lost War: Letters from British Officers during the American Revolution. New York: Horizon Press, 1975.

Barnes, James J., and Patience P. Barnes, eds. The American Revolution through British Eyes: A Documentary Collection. 2 vols. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 2013.

Enys, John. The American Journals of Lt. John Enys. Edited by Elizabeth Cometti. 1st ed. Blue Mountain Lake, N.Y.: Adirondack Museum, 1976.

Lamb, Roger, and Don N Hagist. A British Soldier’s Story: Roger Lamb’s Narrative of the American Revolution. Baraboo, Wis.: Ballindalloch Press, 2004.

Lord Shelburne The Bowood Circle and the American Revolution – Letters To Lord Shelburne 1776-1789. Oxford, England: University Press, 1976.


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