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Alexander McDougall

Alexander McDougall painted by Edgar Brown Smith, Frances Tavern Museum, New York City


Champagne, Roger J. Alexander McDougall and the American Revolution in New York. Schenectady, NY: Union College Press, 1975.

MacDougall, William L. American Revolutionary: A Biography of General Alexander McDougall. Contributions in American History, no. 57. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1977.

Memoirs and Papers

Guide to Alexander McDougall papers in the Biographical Directory of the US Congress, Alexander McDougall, 1731-1786, Guide to Research Collections which include manuscripts at the New York Historical Society, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Huntington Library, The Library of Congress, The Morgan Library, The New York State Library, The Rosenbach Museum and Library and the Yale University Library.


Alexander McDougall painted by Edgar Brown Smith, Fraunces Tavern Museum, New York City
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