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Continental Army Major Generals – Service and Promotion Data Analytics

Outside Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia by Author

Top Ten Facts

  1. Ten were apppointed and nineteen were promoted
  2. Twenty-four were appointed or promoted prior to June 1778
  3. Six were foreign volunteers (four from France and two from Germany)
  4. Eighteen was the peak number of major generals in October 1777
  5. On average they served as major generals for 3.7 years with 5.3 years total service
  6. All states except Georgia had at least one of its residents serve as a major general
  7. More major generals (five) hailed from Massachusetts than other state
  8. Five died on active duty from battle and disease
  9. Eleven served until the war’s end with Henry Knox serving until June 1784
  10. Richard Montgomery with 21 days of service was the shortest serving major general

Detailed service and promotion records for the Twenty-nine Continental Army Major Generals. 


Heitman, Francis B. Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution. Clearfield, 1932.

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