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Nathanael Greene


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Memoirs and Papers

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Last Will and Testament

Eulogy by Alexander Hamilton delivered on July 4, 1789 at a meeting of the New York Society of Cincinnati in which Martha Washington (George was indisposed), John and Abigail Adams and various members of Congress were in attendance. Hamilton heaps high praise on Greene including the following description of his character.

“The vigor of his genius corrsponding with the importance of the prize to be contended for, overcame natural moderation of his temper, and though not hurried-on by enthusiasm, but animated by an enlightened sense of the value of free government, he chearfully resolved to stake his fortune his hope his life and his honor upon an enterprise of the danger of which he knew the magnitude in a cause which was worthy of the toils and the blood of heroes.”

The eulogy celebrates Greene’s accomplishments through his Continental Army service in both the northern and southern theaters.




Nathanael Greene Statue – Stanton Park, Washington, DC
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