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Thomas Conway

In American sources, not much is known about Thomas Conway’s early life or his life after the Revolution.  He is best known as the eponymous leader of the anti-Washington faction called the “Conway Cabal” by later historians.  After the discover of his actions to dislodge Washington as Comander in Chief, Conway apologied to Washington resigned his Major General’s commission and returned to France.  Back in France, not much is known about his life and he died in obscurity.

Biographical essays

Blanchard, Amos. The American Biography : Containing Biographical Sketches of the Officers of the Revolution, and of the Principal Statesmen of That Period, to Which Are Added the Life and Character of Benedict Arnold, and the Narrative of Major Andre. Wheeling, WV: Kenyon, 1833.

Memoirs and Papers

No single source – need to look at the manuscripts and papers of those persons who corresponded with Conway.

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