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The Global Conflict

Rochambeau in Lafayette Park, Washington DC


While many historians focus on the American events of its War of Independence, the French, Spanish, Dutch, Mysoreans, Native Americans, and British fought battles on all continents other than Antarctica. In many ways, the British won in all the theaters except North America. In addition to North America, the British, Americans, French, Spanish, Indians (Mysore), and Dutch waged battles and campaigns of the American Revolution in the Caribbean/Central America, Europe, and Asia.

Caribbean Theater

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

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Europe/Siege of Gibraltar

Destruction of the Spanish Batteries, 1783 by Thomas Whitcombe in the  Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, United States

Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

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British sortie from the siege lines at Gibraltar by John Trumbull at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

Asia/Indian Theater

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