The Fourth of July holiday is a wonderful opportunity for downtime and for reunions with loved ones. The historic holiday also provides special time to reflect on the Revolutionary Era and its peoples. During a long eight-year War of Independence, soldiers, political leaders and citizens of all walks exhibited impressive fortitude and an undoubting courage of convictions.

One of many political leaders who courageously led his constituents

While we face less life altering situations each day, the examples of our founders both famous and ordinary provide illustrious examples to contemplate. To me, contemplating their sacrifices is just as important as spending time with family and friends. To keep the Revolution alive, all of us need to be ready to understand how we can practice the courage of our convictions when facing both large and small challenges.

What will you do when the next threat to our liberty emerges or how will you respond to the next vexing ethical or integrity issue? By contemplating these questions we will become both better citizens and better supporters of our loved ones.

Contemplate the sacrifices of this officer unknown to most of us today