Many times the most complete information on the American Revolution is found in archives, libraries and research centers outside of the United States.  An example is information on American Loyalists (those who remained supportive of  British rule) contained at the University of New Brunswick Libraries.  Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, the university library houses the largest collection of primary loyalist material in North America. Drawing upon both local and global sources, the University is located in the center of the region where many American Loyalists fled after the Treaty of Paris concluded the Revolution.

You can access much of the information from the library’s webpage (, including subject guides and help with palaeography.  There is also a collaborative blog “Atlantic Loyalist Connections” (, and a current story mapping project, recreating the biographies of loyalists who came to New Brunswick through geographic software (

For more information on other respositories and reserach sources, see Loyalists.